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I am so excited to share that I originated the role of JEN in a new play by Bryelle Burgus called Fairly Odd Attempts at Fulfilling Wishes. This play is fantastic, and JEN is one of my favorite characters I've ever played. I hope to revisit this piece and this character soon!

Remember that guest star spot I shot and how that role got expanded into a recurring guest spot? Well I can finally announce that my episodes of EVIL LIVES HERE and EVIL LIVES HERE: SHADOWS OF DEATH are airing! I play the character Diane. Watch the trailer here! Tune in on April 10th at 9pm & 10pm on the Investigation Discovery (ID) Channel! Don't have that channel? No problem! My episode of EVIL LIVES HERE (s.11 e. 08) is currently streaming on Discovery+


Guess what! I was hired to host a brand new podcast called It's Only the Overture! You can listen to our 3 minute teaser here. This podcast follows the founding of a brand new theatre company called Overture Arts in real time, so if you've ever wanted to learn about founding a theatre company from the ground up, this podcast is for you.

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Me as Diane and Alvin Benjamin Christmas as Vern in EVIL LIVES HERE S.11 E. 08

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A Show About Coworkers is now streaming!
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A Show About Coworkers is here and is enjoying loads of success on the festival circuit! This delightful comedy was written and directed by Ian Brodsky and produced by Dapper Devil Productions. I'm a series regular. I play Mariana- an Italian immigrant in the US, working at...a company that shall remain nameless. Each episode is less than 3 minutes long- I'm told it's "very bingeable"- and now it's streaming on Vimeo

ASAC screenshot.png

Check out these festival selections and awards!

From L to R: Me, Shannon Condon, Lia-Shea Tillett, Gabe Templin, Ian Brodsky, and Kevin Boadu

Lia-Shea Tillett as Alicia and me as Mariana

Quarantine Projects and Season 2 of What I Do For Love

Hello from quarantine! I hope you are safe and healthy! Since Covid hit, I have been in 2 virtual projects/fundraisers: While We Wait and Quarantine: The Musical (pictured). I am also in the process of writing Season 2 of What I Do for Love- the webseries I created and am starring in. Click here to watch the first season! Stay safe, friends!


Performing at 54 Below again and nominated for an award!

Songs from Cult Classics to Benefit the ACLU performed for the third year in a row! I directed and performed in it again, and we were able to raise over $1000 for the ACLU. AND...we've been nominated for Best Special Event on BroadwayWorld! Click here if you'd like to vote for us, and click here if you'd like to see my footage from the concert.

CultClassics Headshots.jpg
Starring in one web series, and shooting another!
  • I am so excited to announce that I am playing Tess in the web series What I Do For Love! Fun fact - I also wrote the first four episodes! Season 1 has been released and can be enjoyed here!

  • I am also playing Mariana (series regular) in the new web series A Show About Coworkers, a Dapper Devil Production written by Ian Brodsky. We started filming at the beginning of June and are obviously having no fun at all. Check back for release dates soon! 

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